Speakers and Like’s Release Date on Exxen Has Been Announced


It has been announced that Hasan Can Kaya’s program Like Speakers and Feyyaz Yiğit and Kıvanç Kılıç’s program will be broadcast on Exxen. Both programs will begin broadcasting on January 1, 2021.

YouTube’da One of the most popular productions especially recently Speakers had happened. Hasan Can Kaya | The broadcast platform of Acun Ilıcalı, the program prepared and presented by Exxen’e While some people criticized the transition, some people welcomed it.

Now the release date of Speakers in Exxen has been announced. According to this From 1 January New parts of the program will appear on the Exxen platform. The program gained a huge following, especially during the pandemic period.

A series of Feyyaz Yiğit and Kıvanç Kılıç is also coming

Feyyaz Yiğit - Like

Exxen, which is expected to start broadcasting on January 1, 2021, announced that the series “Gibi”, in which Feyyaz Yiğit and Kıvanç Kılıç will produce funny sketches, will start broadcasting on January 1, 2021. Especially considering that Feyyaz Yiğit has a large fan base in our country, it is thought that Gibi will be followed with interest.


Episodes have been removed from YouTube


Speaker’s All episodes of the show after switching to Exxen YouTube ‘and removed. Exxen made a statement about the series today. In the statement “With the” Speakers “program prepared and presented by Hasan Can Kaya to laugh Are you ready? With #EXXEN, you will be filled with laughter from January 1st! ” expressions were used.

Hasan Can Kaya, before 1 Female 1 Male He also took part in the scriptwriting team of such TV series. The comedian also had stage performances. The famous name will continue its activities under the roof of Exxen from now on.


Acun Ilıcalı has released the trailer of Fight Club to be released in Exxen

YouTube’da After the episodes were canceled, Hasan Can Kaya live broadcast had done and then answered questions from his followers. Thus, he eliminated the question marks in his followers’ minds.

It will start broadcasting with Speakers

hasan can kaya


Acun Ilıcalı has released the trailer of Fight Club to be released in Exxen

Exxen, the new platform of Acun Ilıcalı, On January 1, 2021 will start broadcasting. There will be a lot of different content on this platform. Social media phenomena and other celebrities will be among the names on the platform.

İbrahim Büyükak at Exxen, which will work with a paid membership system, Beyazit Ozturk, Hasan Can Kaya, Tolga There will also be names such as Çevik, Reynmen and Berkcan Güven. Free first week Although different packages will be offered on the platform, which is announced to be, there is no exact price information yet. Let’s see if Acun Ilıcalı will be able to carry his success in terrestrial broadcasting to the platform?

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