Speakers, LEDs, robotic lawnmowers: The coolest garden bargains


Outdoor lighting for 7 euros, speakers for 10 and ring camera with battery for 80 – we show which garden bargains are currently worthwhile.

It doesn’t always have to be the Caribbean – especially during Corona times. With smart lighting, beautiful music and grill gadgets, you can bring holiday comfort home. We show which bargains are worthwhile now.

If you want a pool in the garden, you can find products for a clean and undisturbed bathing fun in our guide: outdoor pool at home. And if you already have beads of sweat on your face when thinking of 35 degrees in the shade, you can cool the terrace and balcony cheaply with the help of water and evaporative cooling.

Good outdoor sound doesn’t have to be expensive. You can get a decent product from just under 50 euros – for example the Tronsmart Force, as our comparison test shows: 11 outdoor speakers.

For the parents: If price and appearance are more important than high-end sound, cheap products from 10 euros are available. The cheap speaker Lenco BT-191 certainly doesn’t have the best sound, but it does have colorful lighting effects and a new low price – it now costs 10 instead of 32 euros. The mini speaker Philips BT55P in bright colors has also dropped in price. Here the new low price is 10 euros, other retailers want at least 15 euros. And an optical highlight is that Squiddy sound with an octopus look. It was previously often at 20 euros, Amazon now sells it for 12 euros – also a new low price.

There is more sound quality at Ultimate Ears. The double pack of splash-proof UE Wonderboom 2 Cyberport is currently selling again at the previous low price of 79 euros – three weeks ago it cost 11 euros more. UE products are particularly impressive in terms of sound, battery performance and workmanship, as the latest test of the UE Boom 3 showed. The products in the Bose Soundlink series also offer clear sound. Even the small Soundlink Color 2 (test report) convinces with clear sound. The slightly larger one Bose Soundlink Mini II has fallen in price, now it costs 111 instead of 131 euros. If you are lucky, you can get it for 100 euros a day. With splash-proof Bose Soundlink Revolve + a drop in prices is also noticeable. In May the speaker was still well over 200 euros, now it costs 192 euros. It was still around 12 euros cheaper.

Outdoor lights and smart grill thermometers in particular are currently very cheap. In our guide: Smart garden lighting, we show how to connect spotlights and lights for the garden and terrace with Alexa & Co. Suitable products, such as the three-pack of the Osram Ledvance Smart + Gardenpole, you can currently get the previous low price of 7 euros, most retailers want at least 15 euros for the expansion set. The basic set required for this, however, has risen again in price; in January it was 35 euros, now 40 euros. However, if you have a little patience with the bargain hunt, you will find it RGB stripes Osram Outdoor Flex for 52 instead of 58 euros – we recommend one Price alert for the product. Even “stupid” products can have their charm. At Amazon and Lidl, for example, you can get a weatherproof one Floor lamp for patios. It costs around 90 euros, other retailers want 109 euros.

Monitored BBQ: With thermometers, food can be cooked slowly and reliably at the right core temperature.

You don’t need them for sausages and neck steaks from the discounter, so that a perfect grilled chicken or roast beef is possible, a grill thermometer helps. It shows the core temperature during the entire grilling process and leads to the optimal result. Smart versions with Bluetooth or WLAN also make it possible to observe the cooking process on the smartphone and to concentrate on other activities in peace. While the Bluetooth thermometer Meater (test report) rose again in price, there is the Weber iGrill Mini and iGrill 2 with app control at a bargain price. The Mini has been available almost every week since the beginning of May for almost 40 instead of 45 euros – we recommend one here Price alert to put. The same applies to the iGrill 2: since May, it has been around EUR 80 instead of EUR 100 every few days. On the other hand, you should stay away from most other products, as our guide shows: Smart grilling.

“Hey Siri, dim the garden lights to 20 percent.”

So that nobody secretly steals the new garden gadgets are suitable Outdoor cameras for surveillance. We have good models in our comparison test: outdoor cameras with a battery. The Ring Stick Up Cam (test report) is one of them – the test report gave it a rating of 2 for the camera. Media Markt is currently selling the Stick Up Cam with battery operation at a low price of 80 euros. In mid-May, the camera was still 95 euros.

Summer 2020 is likely to be very hot. Loud German weather service we already had a spring with record temperatures this year. Accordingly, you have to help a bit to have a well-tended and lush green garden. We have a guide on how to automate and make your irrigation smart: Who needs which irrigation system to explain.

In summer, prices for garden tools rise. Especially Robotic lawnmowers from Gardena & Co. have become significantly more expensive again. The small Gardena Sileno City 250 for 250 square meters up to and including March was 560 euros, it now costs 595 euros. There are still bargains, for example the Landroid M500.

The robotic lawnmower creates lawns up to 500 square meters and has an app for remote control via Android and iOS. By the end of April, most dealers still wanted 620 euros for the robot, now you can get it for 580 euros – a good price, the M500 has only been sold once for 550 euros.

If you don’t want to send your robotic lawnmower in the rain, you can use weather stations. The smart weather station from Netatmo is compatible with Alexa and Apple Homekit, for example. It coordinates with the smart home, for example, whether the robotic lawnmower starts driving or prefers to take a break from a rain forecast. The basic set with indoor and outdoor sensors currently costs 136 euros again – by the beginning of May it was mostly around 150 euros. The separately available rain and wind sensors are 60 and 89 euros respectively. If you really want to save, wait until autumn: prices usually fall again from November. In 2019, the modules were sometimes 50 or 85 euros.

It is high garden season, and many garden gag prices have risen accordingly. Those who can wait until autumn save one or two euros. But also in the high season you will find some garden bargains. Especially when it comes to loudspeakers, it is worth striking. However, if you are looking for a very specific product, you should look at our price comparison to set an alarm. Then you will never miss the best offer.