Special permission from the UK to Turkey Flights Start


Covidien 4-19 mutated due to a temporary decision to stop flights from countries of Turkey, the UK and started to passengers with special permission purchases from Denmark. These passengers will be Turkey’s citizens or foreigners with a residence permit in Turkey.

Covidien recently in England in the emerging post-19 mutation in many countries like Turkey that it had suspended flights from the UK temporarily we announced. Normal COVID-19The mutated virus, which is 70 percent more contagious according to, created fear all over the world. Now for Turkish citizens and foreigners with a residence permit in Turkey from the UK and Denmark to Turkey special allowed flights started.

The Turkish Airlines (THY) made according to the latest statement can be made for flights from Turkey to the UK and Denmark, however, will not be given permission to limited exceptions flights to Turkey from those countries. In the statement made, “Although there is no passenger restrictions for passengers who will travel from Turkey, the United Kingdom or Denmark can be found on the respective nationalities of the passengers agreed terms and conditions of the travel page provided by IATA or Star informational travel provided by the Alliance page“statements took place.

THY UK announcement

PCR test will be mandatory

Turkey, brought some limited rules for flights to be made from these two countries. According to the statement made “Passport Republic of Turkey and, with a residence permit in Turkey, government officials and diplomatic staff; United Kingdom / Denmark can perform from Turkey cheap travel“statements took place.


The New Type of Virus Seen in the UK was Named SARS-CoV-2 VUI 202012/01

These rules as soon as they wake up people at the airport to enter Turkey PCR test While declaring that it is mandatory to have it done, “After the test, it is necessary to enter the country and go to the declared residence address and enter the country for 7 days. At the end of the 7th day, if the PCR test to be made again turns out to be negative, the personal isolation will end. If a positive test result is obtained, the filming teams will be activated and the situation will be closely monitored.“It was said.

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