Spending for Mobile Games in 2021 Announced

A report has been published presenting the world’s interest in mobile games in 2021. According to the report, spending on mobile games increased by 40% in the first quarter of the year compared to the pre-pandemic period. Turkey also took place in the top ranks of the countries that caused the increase.

lasting more than 1 year COVID-19 The pandemic has visibly changed the demand for industries. For example, while the interest in hygiene products and hobby materials increased, the fact that movie theaters were closed affected the cinema industry badly. One of the areas where we can easily see the effect of the pandemic was the mobile game industry.

According to the data obtained in the first quarter of 2021, the rate of people downloading mobile games and spending money on these games increased significantly. Mobile game download amount While the amount of money spent on these games increased by 40% compared to the pre-pandemic period, the amount of money spent on these games increased by 40%..

Mobile gaming revenue hits record

mobile game spending

Games have been one of the biggest helpers of people who suddenly find themselves locked in their homes last year in getting through the period. Even people who have never downloaded a game on their phone in their life found themselves in conflicts, races or puzzles on their phones after a while. In addition to the platforms that provide movies and music, the number of visitors to the platforms where mobile games are downloaded has naturally increased.

The data revealing the increase so far has been recently App Annie Shared by. According to the report, in the first quarter of 2021 According to the last quarter of 2019 30% more mobile games downloaded. In addition, the amount of money paid for mobile games a record-breaking 40% increaseI.

USA, Germany, Saudi Arabia and Turkey; took the lead in their own region

mobile game spending

Total money spent on mobile games worldwide in the first quarter, $1.7 billion per week reached. ABD and Germanyin terms of year-over-year increase in mobile gaming spending. West Europe and North America became the two leading names in their markets. Another country that had a large share in growth was Turkey. Turkey and Saudi Arabia, in the rest of the world except the regions we just mentioned and the Asia-Pacific region; They are the countries that spend the most on mobile games.

Officially toured other platforms

mobile game spending


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The mobile game industry, which has grown tremendously, has outstripped other platforms by a wide margin. mobile platforms already 2014 He had been leading the race ever since; however, almost no growth in desktop platforms, home consoles and portable consoles cemented the victory of mobile games. Money spent on mobile games in the last 7 years over 120 billion dollars, the closest competitor PC and Mac platforms found $41 billion. The 10 most paid mobile games are listed as follows:i:

  2. Genshin Impact
  3. Coin Master
  4. Pokémon GO
  5. Honour of Kings
  7. Candy Crush Saga
  8. Homescapes
  9. Rise of Kingdoms
  10. Game of Peace

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