Spending time outdoors is good for the brain

A recent study found that spending time outdoors has positive effects on the brain. These effects were observed especially in parts of the brain associated with psychological disorders.

We all know that spending time outdoors is a good thing. This is why we say ‘I’ll go out and get some air’ when we are bored. A recent study reveals this a scientific proof It presents and reveals how being outdoors has an impact on the human brain.

In the research carried out by scientists from the Max Planck Institute for Human Development and the Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf Six healthy middle-aged subjects were studied for six months. More than 280 MRI images were taken from the brains of the participants and studies were performed.

At the same time, each person the relationship between time spent outside and the brain Questions about fluid intake, caffeinated beverage consumption, time spent outside, and physical activity were asked to see if it changed In order to include seasonal differences, the duration of sunshine during the study period was also taken into account.

Even being outdoors for a short time has a positive effect on the brain:

walking outdoors

The results of the study show that being outdoors positively affects both the brain and body health of people, and also has positive effects on their mood. Until this research is carried out, being outdoors or in any other setting is only for prolonged periods of time. effects on the human brain and body was thought to be. However, research results show that being outdoors, even for a short time, has a positive effect on the brain.

According to the results obtained from the brain scans, the time the participants spent outdoors showed a positive correlation with the gray matter in the right dorsolateral-prefrontal cortex and the lateral part of the frontal lobe in the cerebral cortex. This part of the cortex is involved with planning and regulating actions as well as what’s called cognitive control. In addition many psychiatric disordersIt is known to be associated with a decrease in gray matter in the prefrontal region of the brain.


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All the results are in addition to the positive effects of taking short walks in the open air on body health that we know so far. positive effects on brain health it also reveals. The results from the study treatment of psychiatric disorders It is stated that it provides important data for

The World Journal of Biological Psychiatry’de published Simone Kühn, one of the authors of the study,Our results, when we spend time outside that our brain structure and mood have improved is showing. This likely also affects concentration, working memory and the human psyche as a whole. We are investigating this in an ongoing study. Subjects are also asked to solve cognitively demanding tasks and wear multiple sensors that measure the amount of light they are exposed to during the day, among other environmental indicators.” in the words expanding the research expressed.

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