Spotify Agrees to Obtain License from RTÜK


It was stated that Spotify, which RTÜK allowed 72 hours for license application, agreed to receive a broadcast license. According to the information transmitted Spotify will open a representative office in Turkey.

In a news we shared with you yesterday RTÜKAmong them SpotifyGave notice to four websites on which they did not have a license, on the grounds that they performed broadcasting services and gave 72 hours to apply for a license. we transferred.

According to the news of Burak Çelik from Sabah RTÜK officials contacted the Swedish-based company’s unit in Stockholm for the license issue in question, and Spotify warned that it needed a license. positive found on the return.

“Spotify will open a representative office in Turkey”



Spotify Statement by RTÜK Member: Access Denied Is Heading Towards an Inevitable Place

According to the information transferred Spotify, In Turkey the RTÜK online music service to continue will receive broadcasting license and in addition to losing its market share in Turkey It will open a representative office in Turkey. However, let us underline that there is no official statement from either institution for now.

RTÜK, in the statement that it gave Spotify 72 hours, “If it does not terminate its broadcasting services within seventy-two hours following this announcement, the Supreme Council shall request from the criminal judge of peace in accordance with the second paragraph of Article 29 / A of Law No. request to block access He clearly stated that if he does not obtain a license, he will be prevented from accessing Spotify.

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