Spotify: Podcasters should be able to offer content for a fee in the future


There could also be paid podcasts on Spotify in the future: the option will be presented to partners in the coming week, reports several US media. This would give podcasters the opportunity to monetize their content directly on Spotify for the first time.

Apple announced a similar model just a few days ago: Podcast creators should be able to offer paid podcasts in Apple’s app with “Apple Podcasts Subscriptions”. The prices for the offers can be determined by the podcasters at Apple themselves, but the tech company requires a commission as in its App Store: providers pay 30 percent in the first year, 15 percent from the second year

One Report of the Wall Street Journals According to Spotify’s podcast subscriptions, on the other hand, there are no fees for content creators. Podcasters would therefore be allowed to keep all of the income they generate with their content. It is still unclear what exactly Spotify’s service will look like. For example, it is not known whether a Spotify subscription is mandatory in order to pay for podcasts. The Swedish company has not yet commented on the media reports about the podcast subscriptions.

However, it is likely that Spotify will not actually charge any commission based solely on the company’s history: Spotify has repeatedly accused Apple of unfair competition practices because of its commission demands in the Apple Store and even filed antitrust complaints against the tech giant with the EU. Apple not only collects a commission for app sales, but also for subscriptions concluded in the apps – for this reason, you cannot take out subscriptions in the Spotify app for iOS.


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