Spyware: Microsoft and Google support Facebook against the NSO Group


Microsoft, Google, Cisco, the Internet Association and VMWare support Facebook in the proceedings against the NSO Group. The Israeli company had hacked 1400 WhatsApp accounts using malware – from journalists, lawyers, human rights activists and government officials, among others.

The Letter with multiple signers has released Microsoft. It reads: “Private companies like NSO Group are working hard to develop surveillance tools and sell them to governments and other customers as ‘cyber surveillance as a service’.” This makes it possible to listen in on conversations, read text messages and e-mails, view photos and contact lists and download all of the data and search history. It is illegal in the USA.

The NSO Group is trying to avert a lawsuit with this. The company said immunity must apply because government agencies bought the software and you didn’t use it to monitor it yourself.

Facebook’s support group tries to protect its products from cyber criminals. “Every year, US $ 120 billion is invested in security worldwide,” the letter said. There is also an explanation of the other dangers – for example, using the example of the ransomware attack on a bank in Ukraine in 2017, because of which production had to be stopped in the USA and other regions of the world. In their opinion, immunity for a private company is absolutely the wrong way to go. Copycats were already trying to make similar software.

The first legal proceedings had already resulted in success for Facebook. However, a default judgment was issued against which the NSO Group defends itself. Since then, Facebook has also called for a substantive decision on the case.


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