Squid Game Causes Death Penalty in North Korea

Squid Game, which has not been on the agenda since the day it was published, has been the subject of a very sad news this time. In North Korea, a seller who smuggled the TV series into the country ‘smuggled’ was sentenced to death, while young people who watched the series were sentenced to prison.

Published on Netflix in the past months and became a worldwide phenomenon as soon as it met its audience. Squid GameIt also broke records on Netflix. Afterwards, the series, which did not fall on our agenda for a long time and caused various discussions, became the subject of a very annoying news this time.

According to the information given by some sources from North Korea to Radio Free Asia (RFA), Squid Game is in the country. to a death sentence and caused the young people who watched the series to be sentenced to prison. the series to the country The person ‘smuggling’ with USBwas sentenced to death for this ‘crime’. At the same time, the principals and teachers at the school of the students who watched the series were sentenced to ‘exile’.

The only crime is ‘watching the show’:

squid game

In the incident that shocked and made people say ‘no more’, the person sentenced to death Teenager who bought USB gets life sentence The students who watched the series were sentenced to work in hard labor for 5 years. In addition, the principal and teachers of the school the students attended were dismissed and sent into a kind of ‘exile’.


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The decision marks the first time North Korea has implemented the new law on “Elimination of Reactionary Thought and Culture” in a case involving minors, sources said. This law is particularly Watching any media product from countries like USA and South Korea and in cases such as distribution directly ‘death penalty’ brings.