Squid Game Director’s Statement About Season 2


Hwang Hwang Dong-hyuk, the director and screenwriter of the recent phenomenon drama ‘Squid Game’, talked about the drama. Director Dong-hyuk, the much-anticipated “Will Season 2 come?” answered the question.

The series, which deals with the struggle of a group in financial difficulties to win the grand prize and survive, reached a wide audience in a short time. The series, which met with the audience in mid-September, is already on Netflix. most It is thought to be a watched production.

Those who finished the series in a flash began to wait for the second season, but it was not known whether there was any work on this issue. Screenwriter and director of the series Hwang Dong-hyuk about the series explained what was asked.

The production process of the series worries the director

Squid Game

Squid Game, which tells the story of those who risk death for the grand prize, will be released on September 17 with its first season of 9 episodes. worldwide attracted a lot of attention. The series soon took the first place in 90 countries, including the USA. succeeded. Hundreds of children in financial difficulties are invited to participate in a play in the thriller/drama series. This game, in which the winner will receive a prize of 40 million dollars, will lead to the death of everyone who loses.

Director of the series we are a part of today ‘competitive society’ it reflects. He was inspired by the games of his childhood for this story where the winners move forward and the losers stay behind. Thinking about what it would be like to play children’s games as an adult was the basis for the show’s emergence. The ‘squid game’ that gives the drama its name is based on the attackers trying to stop the others as they head towards a squid-shaped area. Director Dong-hyuk for the game “Physically it was very challenging and that’s why every time we played, someone got injured, their clothes were torn, or they cried. It would always be the last game of the day.” says.


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Hwang Dong-hyuk, due to the intense stress he went through during the making of the drama He lost 6 teeth. With his statement, he said that he would write and direct such a series on his own. very difficult that it’s hard to get to the same pace for the second season. that you are worried symptom. But that doesn’t mean the second season won’t be filmed Dong-hyuk, “Nothing is finalized for now, but there are so many enthusiastic people. I’m seriously thinking said.

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