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Customer orientation has always been the measure of all things and is deeply anchored in the philosophy of the family company at the full-service provider for commercial and private customers in the area of ​​office, warehouse and factory equipment. That SSI Schaefer Shop is now also the last with the delivery quality Touchpoint on the customer journey Paying special attention is only consistent. “Logistics is one of the most important contact points with customers and at the same time poses a number of challenges. Our new strategy enables us to respond even more specifically to the needs of our customers, to adapt logistical processes quickly and thus to increase the quality of delivery, ”explains Andreas Reuter, CEO at SSI Schaefer Shop.

The decision to no longer outsource the logistics to external service providers was preceded by time-consuming planning. The medium-sized company has been working on the last, important step of the “Supply Chain Excellence” project since 2019 Supply chain. “Our passion for first-class work environments not only includes our products and services, but is also clearly reflected in our logistics,” Andreas Reuter continues.

SSI Schaefer Shop Reuter
Andreas Reuter is CEO at SSI Schaefer Shop. (Image: SSI Schaefer Shop GmbH)

Delivery quality: two warehouses and one destination

In order to reintegrate logistics into the company, the medium-sized company from the Westerwald is investing a double-digit million amount in the conversion and expansion of existing buildings. This creates a total area of ​​around 60,000 square meters two logistics centersthat meet the respective requirements on site: While a block warehouse for large-volume goods such as office and storage furniture is being expanded at the headquarters in Betzdorf, the future warehouse in Wetzlar will primarily be used for processing time-critical goods such as stationery items that are shipped within 24 Hours must be ready for dispatch. The companies in the Benelux countries can also be supplied from Wetzlar; some of the goods also go to Austria.

The new logistics strategy offers customers several advantages: On the one hand, the delivery quality increases, and on the other hand, the delivery times are reduced thanks to improved transport processes. Christian Langvad, who took over the areas of logistics and purchasing as Vice President Operations in October 2020, says: “By insourcing logistics, warehouse processes can be optimized and any bottlenecks in processes can be identified and remedied at an early stage, which enables us to sustainably improve delivery quality. Schäfer Shop delivers today within the standard delivery time compared to the industry. Our goal is to become even faster and to further increase customer satisfaction. ”

SSI Shepherd Shop Langvad
Christian Langvad is Vice President Operations at SSI Schaefer Shop. (Image: SSI Schaefer Shop GmbH)

Digitization of internal processes with the help of new technologies

In order for this to succeed, you also need committed and competent employees at your side: Schäfer Shop is creating new jobs by opening the logistics center in Wetzlar. In addition, the medium-sized company is doing everything in its power to advance the digitization of internal processes: The entire logistics are being converted to the SAP EWM software. This system provides flexible and automated support for the processing of goods movements and for inventory management in the warehouse. It also enables precise recording of KPIs, controlling and process automation. The modern conveyor technology at the Wetzlar location comes from SSI Schäfer.

The SSI Schaefer Shop GmbH Complete outfitter for commercial and private customers in the area of ​​office, warehouse and factory equipment. Sustainable growth, value-based cooperation and strong customer loyalty make the medium-sized family company so successful in the market. Despite its ties to its homeland, Schäfer Shop, based in Betzdorf, is one of the most respected outfitters in Europe. (sg)

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