“Stalker 2”, “Fable” and “Forza”: Microsoft shows games for Xbox Series X.

In a livestream, Microsoft introduced new games for its Xbox consoles and Windows 10 and showed new trailers for well-known titles. Among the surprises of the event was the Xbox Series X announced “Fable“: a new edition of the popular role-playing game series from Lionhead Studios, which is developed by Playground Games. Apart from the trailer, which does not contain any gameplay scenes, there is hardly any information about the new” Fable “.

Trailer for “Fable” (Source: Microsoft)

Without gameplay scenes was also announced “State of Decay 3“: The zombie game is developed like the two predecessors by Undead Labs, which has been part of Microsoft since 2018. Microsoft has not yet announced a release date.

Trailer for “State of Decay 3”

(Source: Microsoft)

Avowed“is the name of the new game from Obsidian Entertainment, the developer studio known for role-playing games like” Pillars of Eternity “and” The Outer Worlds “. It was already known that Obsidian is working atypically on a cute shooter called” Grounded ” Main project: “Avowed” is a first-person role-playing game set in a new fantasy universe, but there were no game scenes to be seen here either.

Trailer for “Avowed”

(Source: Microsoft / Obsidian Entertainment)

Comes from Fatshark Entertainment “Warhammer 40k: Darktide“Like Fatshark’s previous game” Warhammer: Vermintide “,” Darktide “is a cooperative shooter for up to four players – only this time in the 40k universe, where you have to shoot zombie creatures.” Warhammer 40k: Darktide “is scheduled for 2021 versions for the upcoming Xbox Series X and Windows 10 have been announced.

Trailer for “Warhammer 40,000: Darktide”

(Source: Fatshark)

Over “Stalker 2“has been speculated for a long time, but recently it was quite quiet about the new part of the dystopian shooter series. Microsoft surprised fans with a dark trailer.” Stalker 2 “should appear exclusively for Xbox and PC and offer an open game world for exploration.

Trailer for “Stalker 2”

(Source: Microsoft / GSC Game World)

It was no secret that Turn 10 was working on a new Forza part. In the livestream da Studio has for the first time a trailer for “Forza Motorsports“, whose scenes consist of in-engine material. According to Microsoft, the racing game is still in an early development phase, so it will probably not be launched at the start of the Series X at the end of the year.” Forza Motorsports “is said to be on the new one Microsoft console run in native 4K, support ray tracing and maintain a refresh rate of 60 FPS.

Trailer for “Forza Motorsports 8”

(Source: Microsoft)

Halo Infinite“is one of the few games shown that should be ready in time for the launch of the Xbox Series X. For the first time Microsoft has now shown gameplay scenes of the driving force of the upcoming game console. Also” Halo Infinite “with its more extensive surroundings should keep stable 60 frames per second.

Trailer for “Halo: Infinite” (Source: Microsoft)

The developer studio Rare also has new scenes for “Everwild“, an open-world discovery game in which animals seem to play an important role. Interesting among other things is the pretty art style – even if there are hardly any clues to the gameplay so far.

Everwild Trailer

(Source: Microsoft)

Double Fine Productions also has a new video for “Psychonauts 2“, which was announced years ago. The actor Jack Black takes on a voice and singer role in the title expected for 2021.

The livestream was important for Microsoft: In a previous edition in May, Microsoft had disappointed many viewers with a mixed line-up of trailers and new announcements. In the latest live stream, the Xbox manufacturer had more to show: Especially the “Halo” gameplay and the announcement of “Fable” should cause excitement among fans. Whether Microsoft can make the upcoming Xbox Series X game console appealing to the gaming community also depends on the range of games on offer. Microsoft plans to unveil more exclusive titles in the months ahead of the launch.


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