Starlink Beats Download Speed ​​of Many Countries


Starlink, SpaceX’s affordable internet project, surpassed the download speed of many countries with its 1,650 satellites. Starlink may have taken the internet into an era.

When SpaceX, owned by Elon Musk, first announced Starlink, it offered its users at very high speed and uninterrupted internet. Although the download speed was the standard in the early periods, this situation seems to have changed recently.

One of the first names that come to mind when it comes to internet speed. Speedtest, Musk’s internet network on speed ushered in a new era explained. According to the report, Starlink can even be used from fixed broadband internet of some countries. faster.

Starlink takes its competitors out of pocket

When we look at the report prepared by Speedtest, Starlink’s rivals HughesNet and Viasat much further turns out to be. HughesNet’s average download speed in the US 19.73 Mbps and upload speed 2.43 Mbps iken, Starlink, 97.23 Mbps download and 13.89 Mbps can upload.

This success of Starlink is the result of the constantly connected to each other in orbit. from 1,650 satellites originates. SpaceX to orbit in the next 5 years thousands of satellites aims to send Thanks to the new satellites to be added to the Starlink network, both internet speeds will increase and will become widespread.

Fixed Broadband speeds can’t keep up with Starlink

Broadband internets, which are generally used by corporate companies, fastest internet is referred to as. But Elon Musk’s crazy project, Starlink, accelerates these speeds in countries such as Canada, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. managed to pass. broadband internet used in Canada, 84.24 Mbps iken Starlink, 86.92 Mbps the internet can offer.

Again, according to the data provided by Speedtest, Starlink users can choose from platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. in less than 1 minute can download movies. This process is done without connecting to any physical network. entirely over satellites. It marks the beginning of the new era of the internet.


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SpaceX announced last month that its Starlink satellite system has reached almost 100,000 users. The service also more than 500 thousand It is also stated that there is a pending application.

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