Starship Technologies: Robot fleet to deliver snacks on campuses


Starship Technologies' supply robots are expected to ship food ordered online to campuses, primarily in the United States. The company plans to bots in To let 100 universities go, At the beginning of the year, two pilot tests were already started, which according to the information were successfully completed.

Job market

  1. Hays AG, Greater Munich
  2. Sagemcom Fröschl GmbH, Walderbach (between Cham and Regensburg)

For the expansion plan, the company received a $ 40 million cash injection from investors.

The robots receive detailed 3D maps of the campuses to help them orientate themselves quickly. Through apps, students should be able to order their food, which is then delivered to them. With a code they can open the robot to get to the food. The delivery fee should be around two US dollars. The robots travel at approximately 6.5 km / h and are equipped with cameras, radar, ultrasonic sensors and GPS. As an anti-theft protection, an alarm system was installed.

Starship Technologies is not the only company that relies on six-wheel delivery robots. Amazon developed with the Scout a similar model, which will later deliver autonomous packages. In some cases this should be faster than delivery by parcel courier. The advantages: The robot does not need to search for a parking space, costs neither social security nor wages and should be much cheaper than a delivery van with fuel and maintenance. And tipping robots do not want.