State Data Protection Officer: Many references to video surveillance


The Rhineland-Palatinate Data Protection Officer Dieter Kugelmann has drawn a positive balance to the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO). "Data protection breaches are not
Trivial offense more ",
Kugelmann said on August 27 in Mainz. Also
against large Internet companies such as Google, there is now a clear
Handle for citizens who felt injured in their rights.
Such complaints of Rhineland-Palatinate will have a common
European platform to the regulator in Ireland
where Google has its European headquarters.

Job market

  1. DEKRA SE, Stuttgart
  2. Radeberger Group KG, Dortmund, Frankfurt am Main

With the new data protection regulation, a lot of work has to be done on the 28 employees of the state data protection officer. Since the beginning of the year, 531 complaints have been filed for violations of the law. Last year, there were 704 cases since the entry into force of the DSGVO.

Many complaints about video surveillance

A variety of complaints in Rhineland-Palatinate have people
limited in their rights of video cameras
felt. So a caregiver was monitored by a camera that
was directed to the bed of her patient. The father of the physical
and mentally impaired patients had the camera installed,
without informing the caregiver and giving her consent
ask. The state data protection officer instructed the father, who
Dismantle camera.

As permitted was the installation of two cameras at the entrance of a
Apartment classified, with the accesses to the grounds recorded
were. Own property should always be monitored with cameras
be declared as long as no public space is covered
Kugelmann. The data protection officer informed the provider of the
Apartment but out, the entry in the booking portal to supplement information about the video surveillance.

In a shopping center in Montabaur controlled employees of the
Privacy Commissioner 57 individual stores and put in approximately
Half of a video surveillance fixed, each without one
proper reference to it. The authority imposed warnings
and fines.

Video surveillance initiated by the police or municipalities, for example at folk festivals, is being sampled, according to the data protection officers
checked. The privacy policy, for example, about the duration of the storage of
Recordings are included in the use concepts.