Statement About Izmir’s Chernobyl: Responsible Producer


Answering the parliamentary question of İzmir Deputy Murat Minister, Ministry of Environment and Urbanization Murat Kurum stated that the responsible party for İzmir’s Chernobyl was the waste producer.

New statements have emerged about the old lead casting factory in İzmir’s Gaziemir district, which is known as İzmir’s Chernobyl and has a radiation rate thousands of times higher than normal due to radioactive materials buried in the ground despite being closed years ago.

Deputy of Izmir Murat Kurum, the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, answered the question of Murat Minister and said, “Why is it not cleaned?” He has answered the question, though not very satisfactorily. One day According to the information conveyed by the Ministry, regarding the cleaning of the area, “manufacturer’s responsibility Since the research and disposal processes are still not completed, studies are carried out with the relevant public, institutions and organizations regarding the measures to be taken.‘ he said.

chernobyl of izmir

Murat Minister said:What are you waiting for to start an urgent investigation in this area?Answering the question “Minister Institution, “In accordance with the Radioactive Waste Management Regulation, including the provision of radioactive management and covering the cost, is the responsibility of the person carrying out the activity in question. In accordance with the provisions of the environmental legislation, the management of hazardous wastes is the responsibility of the waste producer.‘ he said.

The answer given by the Ministry to the question of how these dangerous substances, which are normally forbidden to enter Turkey, enter the country were as follows:

Aslan Avcı Döküm San., which has been determined to dispose of hazardous wastes (buried wastes) in violation of the legislation. and. Trade Inc. He filed a criminal complaint against the İzmir Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office on 13 March 2008. 321 thousand TL administrative sanction has been applied. In addition, administrative fines of 5 million 79 thousand 900 TL were applied in the audit conducted on October 28, 2013, and administrative fines of 14 thousand 578 TL and 24 thousand 307 TL were applied in other years.

You can watch our video below, in which we, as Webtekno, visited İzmir’s Chernobyl and brought the situation to the agenda once again.

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