Statement by TOGG CEO About the Price of the Domestic Car


TOGG CEO Gürcan Karakaş also mentioned the price of the vehicle in his statements at the end of 1 year after the introduction of the domestic car. Karakaş announced that the price of the car will compete with the internal combustion SUV vehicles in the C segment.

Turkey’s Automobile Enterprise Group (TOGG), exactly one year ago that held the events anticipated by our country. At that event that citizens watched with enthusiasm TOGGintroduced two domestic electric cars. One SUV, one sedan These models were able to win everyone’s hearts with their designs.

Today, TOGG, during the past year explained what they did within the scope of domestic automobile studies. You can reach here as well as explanations TOGG CEO’s Gurcan Karakas, one of the most curious aspects of the car to the price issue he touched on.

The domestic car will compete with SUVs in the C segment on price:

togg price

Gürcan King, when he said that Turkey’s car-to-market of electric vehicles too Will compete with internal combustion SUV vehicles in the C segment explained. Karakaş therefore compete with such cars in terms of price. expressed.

This statement made by the CEO TOGG GurcanTurkoglu Karakas, Turkey’s very small, it gives an idea about the price tag would be possible with the car we can say. We can expect TOGG to keep the price slightly lower than these vehicles in order to compete with the internal combustion SUV vehicles in the C segment.


TOGG Announces What Has Been Made for the Domestic Car for 1 Year

So, what kind of price tag do the internal combustion SUV vehicles in the C segment have in our country? According to the current information we have obtained from the websites of automobile manufacturers, zero SUV vehicles in the C segment have a very wide price tag in our country. Some models 180.000 TL starting price while some have Can exceed 330,000 TL.

Of course, it should not be forgotten that this explanation is only a hint. It is very difficult to predict what kind of price tag the domestic electric car will have. In addition, TOGG is not only in our country market, that there is a target to open to the global market. must not be forgotten.

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