Statement from Kemerköy Thermal Power Plant Operator

A written statement was made from the management of Kemerköy Thermal Power Plant, where forest fires in Milas spread. The company announced that they will continue to inform the public, while saying that there is no risk factor for now.

Last night, Turkey’s heart was in its mouth. Forest fire in Bodrum Milas, Kemerköy Thermal Power PlantHe got into it. The fire, which can cause a great disaster if no precautionary measures are taken, luckily, without even a large-scale loss of property. bypassed. Disaster, I’m coming I mean The fact that the measures are not at least at the level that the citizens want, many people to revolt led to Some citizens even made GBT inquiries to passers-by due to the paranoia they experienced. they started.

The fire in Milas is not fully under control. That’s why all of Turkey is still sitting on the thorn. Because power plant managers state that there are coal depots here. If the fire re-ignites and the coal deposits begin to burn, it will be much more difficult to put out the fire this time. In the shadow of this fear, the company created a new fire-related written statement made.

The written statement from Kemerköy Thermal Power Plant management is as follows:

Kemerköy Thermal Power Plant

Since the fire danger for our power plant has arisen, we cooperate with all relevant units of our state in the fight against fire. a coordinated work carried out and all our work continues in the same way. In this process, dozens of firefighters, fire extinguishers, sprinklers and construction equipment, fire experts and teams from the companies that are shareholders of Yeniköy-Kemerköy Thermal Power Plants and all their partnerships have been deployed in the power plant area and region. Also in firefighting from all over Turkey municipalities and many companies provided fire brigade, emergency response team and equipment, and heavy machinery support.


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To prevent the fire from reaching the power plant area. block The equipment supplied was put into service in order to eliminate the impact on other residential areas as well as other settlements. Hydrogen tanks were emptied in a planned manner and filled with water. around the power plant 20 meters wide raw materials such as flammable fuel oil destroyed without any commercial concern. Production was gradually stopped.

Kemerköy Thermal Power Plant

From the beginning of the process, the fire in the power plant area was intervened with all elements, production has been phased out. However, the fire, which got stronger with the effect of the sudden wind, entered the power plant campus. After this process, the plant was safely evacuated. Our planned and controlled evacuation studies resulted in success. As a result, there was no injury or loss of life at our Kemerköy power plant, which has 624 employees. not lived.


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In order to eliminate the concerns of the public, we would like to state that; due to the effects of fire in our power plants can harm the environment there were no elements, nor did an explosion occur. After the fire was brought under control, our teams entered the power plant area in the morning hours and according to their first observations, a new no risk factor has been identified. Cooling works are continued by firefighters. According to the first determinations, it was observed that the fire did not have any effect on the coal stock areas. Information on the social media regarding the burning of coal in the stockyards is not in any way does not reflect reality.

Kemerköy Thermal Power Plant

Works for the power plant to re-energize the region, with cooling works. simultaneously continues. In addition, as maliciously speculated in various media, the claims that the fire was not prevented are completely baseless and for disinformation purposes. As mentioned above, for extinguishing and controlling the fire all resources are mobilizedIn addition to these, all necessary actions have been taken, including the provision of an aerial firefighting vehicle, and the relevant procedures have been put into effect on time. public opinion on future developments. transparently will continue to be informed.

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