Statement from the Head of NASA on the Artemis Mission

NASA President Bill Nelson explained the importance and purpose of the Artemis mission, which aims to set humanity’s foot on the Moon again. The mission, which aims to set foot on the Moon in 2024, will be a kind of experience for longer distances.

Mankind first set foot somewhere other than Earth, on our moon, in 1969. After the famous Apollo 11 mission, people left their footprints on the Moon with the Apollo 12, Apollo 14, Apollo 15, Apollo 16 and Apollo 17 missions. But no manned missions were carried out after Apollo 17. If this is the case, very soon in 2024 will change.

NASA made a statement that excited the whole world about 2 years ago and announced that manned missions to the Moon would begin again. Information about this quest named ‘Artemis’, From NASA Director Bill Nelson came. Details shared by Bill Nelson reminded us of the purpose of the Artemis mission as follows:

Purposes and importance of the Artemis mission:

artemis nasa

  • When NASA announced the mission earlier, it stated that the mission had the goal of supporting a “safe, prosperous and peaceful” future in space. According to the newly shared details, the Artemis mission, To explore more on the moon It will send many more astronauts than before.
  • As part of the mission, for the first time in history, NASA to the far side of the moon, that is, he will put equipment on his face that does not face the Earth. With these equipment, earthquakes and meteor strikes on the Moon will be examined, and the interior of the Moon will be illuminated by carrying out many researches.
  • Again, for the first time in history, astronauts south pole of the moon they will discover.
  • With the mission ‘Viper’ How much water is under the moon’s surfaceIt will be investigated whether this water can be extracted and breathable air and rocket fuel can be produced from this water. If rocket fuel is available, the fuel will be used for missions at greater distances. So the Moon will be an intermediary base.
  • Ay’da for scientific purposes an international base will be established.
  • Conclusion: Everything learned on the Moon will play a vital role in sending humans to Mars.
  • First time in history with Artemis missions a woman and an astronaut with a different skin color He will set foot on the moon.

Which space company to go to the moon with is in doubt:

NASA will procure the Starship spacecraft to carry astronauts to the Moon, it announced in April. They chose SpaceX had explained. But Jeff Bezos’ company, Blue Origin, has filed a federal lawsuit about that much. NASA’s work with SpaceX Decision to suspend for 2.5 months took. We will soon learn how to make a decision during this process.