Statement from the Immigration Administration on ‘Eating Bananas’ Videos

A statement came from the General Directorate of Migration Management about the ‘eating banana’ videos that fell on the agenda of social media in the past days. Announcing the arrest of 7 people in the videos, the Migration Administration announced that deportation proceedings will be initiated for individuals.

Street interviews, which have been the subject of debates from different perspectives in Turkey recently, have led to the emergence of a ‘trend’ that has garnered reactions in the past few days. In a street interview ‘I can’t eat bananas, you buy bananas by kilos‘, some foreign nationals shared videos of ‘eating bananas’ on social media, and the videos soon went viral.

These videos, which received great response,making fun of our purchasing power‘ began to be shared everywhere. After the effect of the videos, a statement on the subject came from the General Directorate of Migration Management under the Ministry of Interior.

7 people were caught:

In the statement from the Immigration Administration, it was emphasized that the studies on the people who made provocative posts continued meticulously. In the statement made under the title of “About Provocative Posts Circulated on Social Media”, the video sharing 7 people were also caught information was also shared.


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The full text of the statement made by the Immigration Administration is as follows:

After the rhetoric of “I can’t eat bananas, you buy kilos of bananas…” in a street interview, people who were considered to be foreign nationals were used from various social media platforms. provocative It has been observed that the video and post containing the action of ‘eating bananas’ were circulated. In line with the first findings obtained as a result of the studies carried out by the relevant units of our General Directorate of Security regarding the aforementioned provocative posts, 7 foreign nationals were caught. deportation proceedings will be started.

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