Steam Will Understand Your Favorite Games with New Feature


Steam has added a new feature to the platform in its latest update. Together with this feature, Steam tries to understand the games that users love, and will be able to advise its users accordingly.

Steam is probably the first platform that comes to mind when it comes to games. With the emergence of new platforms, such as Epic Games, the intense battle of platforms, Steam, constantly renewing itself wants to keep its users. In this direction, Valve has added a new feature to the Steam platform, considering its users.

Before the new feature, when Steam offered you a game, if you didn't want to see advice about it, your only option was to mak ignore leri the news about the game. To do so, you would go to the store page of the game and activate this feature manually.


But sometimes the situation is more complicated. For example, you may have played the game before and may not want to see news or advice about it, but when you ignore the game recommendations, the Steam algorithm completely stopped thinking that you didn't like it and advising you about similar games that you might like.

New Feature: Oyn Played on a Different Platform ”

Steam New Feature

Together with this feature, you can ignore the game that you previously played on a different platform by notifying Steam that you are playing on another platform. However, when you do, you can continue to receive news and similar game advice, unlike the previous önceki ignore ”feature. Steam seems to have succeeded in removing its algorithm from uniform tip black and white p and adding eklem grays araya.


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Valve official Alden Kroll made a statement on his new Twitter account. According to Kroll, this feature now allows feedback to help Steam develop an tavsiye interactive referral tool ve and Steam will know that the game catches your attention.