Steam’s Instant Player Count Did Not Drop Below 19 Million


Pavel Djundik, the founder of Steam Database, shared the development of the instant player count on Steam in the last 1 year in a Tweet he shared. The graphic started to follow a straight line with the quarantine period.

Coronavirus has many sectors and especially to the gaming industry It is an indisputable fact that he makes a positive contribution. Due to the virus that we lock ourselves in our house Games have been one of our biggest helpers to spend time now. One of the posts that reveal this situation in the most concrete way was made today.

Providing us with all the data provided by Steam in a more concrete way Founder of Steam Database Pavel DjundikIn his post on Twitter, he shared the situation of Steam in the last months. In his post, Pavel showed the table of the number of players who have been online at the same time on Steam since the quarantine period that started in March.

The chart suddenly flattened out:

steam instant player count

Steam normally has the highest number of players. on weekends was reaching. Because people were going to their own business on weekdays, there were not as many players on the platform as on weekends. However, since the quarantines started due to the coronavirus, Steam has had a huge boom.

Steam’s instant player count when people are out of their homes and go to work into a flat graph at a time transformed. As you can see in the picture above, there were many peaks in the chart before March. All of those peaks weekends It showed the instant number of players obtained.


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But from the moment people shut down, Steam’s instant player count chart a smoother line started watching and increased significantly. Normally average Around 15 million the number of instant players circulating, along with coronavirus measures Over 20 million at a time and this has continued until today. If it’s the lowest point seen 19 million was around.


With the increase in the number of active players on the platform, game developers also faced an unexpected income. From Asymmetric studio Kevin Simmons, in the above Tweet he shared in August in just 16 days He announced that they managed to earn 5 times the money they earned in 1 month.