Stories of TL Symbol and Popular Currency Symbols


Almost every country and union in the world has its own currency and a symbol that symbolizes this currency. The TL symbol and symbols of other currencies not only represent the currency, but also represent the values ​​of that country. The stories of many of them are quite interesting.

From the day it was first used, money symbolizes not only a material value, but also the values ​​of the country in which it is used and printed. Free countries have their own currency. A symbol is also used to symbolize this currency. The TL symbol has been adopted in the near future. announced to the whole world. From this date Turkish lira, TL symbol started with.

We know what the TL symbol is, but Do we know the story behind it and the value attached to it? Only not the TL symbol, Currencies and currency symbols used by different countries and unions of the world also have their own unique stories. Of course, it is not possible to tell the story of all the currency symbols used in the world, but let’s take a closer look at the stories of some currency symbols that we are all used to seeing.

Currency symbols and stories:

  • Turkish lira
  • United states dollar
  • Euro
  • British pound
  • Japanese Yen
  • Bitcoin

The TL symbol that we started to use in 2012 to symbolize the Turkish Lira:

Turkish lira

Turkish Lira is shown as TRY in international standards. For many years, a symbol to symbolize our currency was not used. Until 2012 that is. by the Central Bank in 2012. It will introduce the Turkish Lira all over the world and a competition was held to choose an icon that would add reputation.

Among thousands of designs, we are all familiar today. ₺ design came first. Designed by Tülay Lale, this symbol consists of the letters T and L intertwined. The shape of the anchor symbolizes trust, and the two lines on it symbolize a bridge between east and west and stability.

The TL symbol was criticized by many people at that time. Prime Minister of the period It looks like a tugra composed of the initials of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Some even said that it resembled his signature and even the symbol of the Armenian dram, the currency of Armenia. One way or another, the TL symbol, which is shown as ₺, has been used since November 1, 2012.

Colonial Commemorative US Dollar:

United states dollar

The American dollar symbol has an interesting story and how it actually came about is unknown. Colonial in the 1700s, according to one story. The Americans used the Spanish Peso. The $ symbol that we all know today emerged with the letters P and S written on top of each other.

While many accept the Peso story as true, There is another story unfolded. Accordingly, the English name of the USA, the United States of America, was formed from the letters USA in short, the dollar symbol. This story is believed to be untrue because the US dollar was used even before the US was founded.

Euro from the newest currencies:


The euro is one of the newest currencies in use today. In 2002, the European Union decided to use a common currency within the union and introduced the Euro currency. The letter E in the € symbol The first letter of the word Europe, which means Europe in English, and the two lines on it symbolize financial stability. It has a similar story with the TL icon.

British Pounds by weight:

British pound

Oddly enough, although the UK is now free, it has been a member of the European Union for many years, and yet it has always been replaced by the Euro as the official currency of the European Union. used its own currency, the British Pound. The British pound symbol £ was always used. The British currency is also called the Pound.

For many years in the United Kingdom, British coins were made of silver and their unit values ​​were named after the names of the units of weight. The £ symbol is also a The Latin word libra, which is a unit of weight, It is thought to be derived from the first letter. The British Pound symbol is still the same, although paper and non-pecuniary coins are used today.

Japanese Yen from the oldest currencies:

japanese new

The Japanese yen, the official currency of Japan, was adopted in 1871 and has been used ever since. Even though everyone reads Yen The Japanese pronunciation of currency is ‘en’. However, since the purpose of creating a currency symbol was to gain value in the international arena, the local pronunciation was ignored and the first letter of the Yen currency was used in the ¥ symbol. As you know, the two lines on the icon symbolize financial stability.

Bitcoin, the ancestor of crypto money:


Bitcoin, the ancestor of cryptocurrencies, was introduced in 2008 by a person with the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. The symbol of Bitcoin, whose material value has taken its head today, is ฿ and its abbreviation is BTC. on the ฿ icon While the letter B symbolizes the first letter of Bitcoin The two lines on the top are not known exactly, but we can say that they symbolize material stability like other currency symbols.

Other popular currencies:

in order to

  • Although the Swiss franc was introduced in 1789, it was only officially adopted in 1850.
  • The Swedish Krona was adopted in 1873 and is named after the Swedish word Krona, which means crown.
  • The Australian dollar was adopted in 1966, and so ridiculous names were presented in the name selection contest that the dollar was the winner. Before the dollar was used in the country, the pound was used.
  • The Canadian Dollar was adopted in 1841 and has a value close to the American Dollar. Before the dollar was used in the country, the pound was used.
  • The Indian Rupee is unbelievable but has been in use since the 6th century BC. The symbol ₹, on the other hand, started to be used in 2010.

Symbolizing the currency of our country TL symbol and symbolizing currencies of other countries We told the story of popular currencies. Of course, there are dozens of different currencies and symbols used in different countries, but the story of all of them is not as interesting as the ones we have told.