Stranger Things Season 4 Could Address Fear of Satanism


According to a new theory put forward by Nerdist, season 4 of Stranger Things will address the 80s US fear of satanism. Moreover, there is concrete evidence to support this theory.

One of the most famous and popular productions of Netflix Stranger ThingsSince its 3rd season aired in July 2019, it has been away from its fans and this long separation process that lasts for 1 and a half years. Season 4 about interesting theories to emerge why is this happening. According to a new theory put forward by the Nerdist, season 4 of Stranger Things will take the period of the 80s America called Satanic Panic or Satanic Panic.

While there was a fundamentalist Christianity in the America of the 80s, fear of satanism and this situation caused real lives to be affected by this fear of “belief”. Damien Echols, known as the West Memphis Trio, Jessie Misskelley Jr. and Jason Baldwin’s accusations of the murder of three boys in the city of West Memphis was one of the climaxes of this satanic horror.


In the West Memphis Trio case, Echols sentenced to death; Misskelley and Baldwin were sentenced to life imprisonment. Interestingly, crime scene DNA analysis suggests that the West Memphis Trio was there. there was no evidence. As such, Misskelley and Baldwin, who never admitted that they were responsible for the murder of three young children, were released in 2011.

So, how does the West Memphis Trio case, one of the peaks of the fear of satanism, relate to season 4 of Stranger Things? First of all, the Starcourt Mall disaster of season 3 of Stranger Things and Hopper’s death with satanism Let’s not forget that it ended with a newsletter (video below) sharing. When the satanic panic mentioned above reaches Hawkins, it can cause characters like Mike, Lucas and Dustin to get into trouble.

For Eddie Munson, played by Joseph Quinn, in the character description shared on the official Twitter account of Stranger Things “Eddie runs the official D&D club of Hawkins High, The Hellfire Club. One of the arrogant metallers of the 80s. Loved by those who do not understand him and hated by those who do, Eddie will find himself at the terrifying center of this season’s mystery. ” include statements.

eddie munson

A minute. This is pretty much like Damien Echols, a small town boy who heads a D&D club that causes both admiration and fear. So yes, Stranger Things is serious that season 4 could address the fear of satanism in ’80s America. concrete evidence has. Nevertheless, it should not be forgotten that Netflix is ​​a very successful company in surprising the audience.

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