Streaming: Netflix announces prequel series on The Witcher


Netflix has about its science fiction and fantasy oriented Twitter channel NX announced a new series in the Witcher universe. The Witcher: Blood Origin is supposed to cover the story of the first witcher.

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“1,200 years before Geralt von Riva, the worlds of monsters, humans and elves merged, and the first sorcerer was born”, Netflix announces the general story very roughly. Geralt von Riva is the hero of the current Witcher series on Netflix and the series underlying the series of the Geralt saga by Andrzej Sapkowski. Successful computer games emerged from the books before Netflix made the first series out of the material.

Lauren Schmidt Hissrich and Declan de Barra are said to be responsible for the new prequel series. Schmidt Hissrich was already a showrunner on the first Witcher series, while de Barra wrote one of the episodes. There is no information yet about the cast or other thematic content of the program.

Release date is still unknown

Netflix also does not provide any information about when the series should appear. Given the currently difficult filming situation due to the corona virus, such a statement would probably also be quite imprecise. However, it is already known that the new series will have six episodes.

The first Witcher series was Netflix’s most watched show in Germany in 2019 – even though the series could only be seen from December 20, 2019. Already It was announced in early 2020that Netflix is ​​working on an anime adaptation of the material. The film is supposed to be called The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf, with Schmidt Hissrich among others.

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