Streaming service: Netflix leads Oscar nominations

The Netflix streaming service tops the list of Oscar nominations for the first time. Netflix productions have been nominated for the prestigious film award a total of 24 times, including in the categories "Best Film", "Best Actor" and "Best Actress". Last year Netflix received 15 nominations.

For ten of the 24 nominations is responsible for the gangster film "The Irishman", which began broadcasting on the streaming platform in November. "The Irishman" is nominated for "Best Film", among others, Al Pacino and Jo Pesci can both hope for the award for "Best Supporting Actor". Director Martin Scorsese has chances to win The Best Director Oscar for The Irishman.

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Marriage Story, Two Popes and Documentaries

The Netflix tragicomedy Marriage Story was nominated in six categories, including "Best Original Screenplay". Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson are also selected as Best Actress and Actress. There were three more nominations for the Netflix original "The Two Popes", and Netflix productions were nominated several times in the documentation categories.

In-house productions are becoming more relevant for Netflix due to the growing competition in the market for streaming services. In addition to Amazon, Disney has now started its own streaming service. Disney + relies primarily on the extensive catalog of Disney's cinema and TV productions, but Netflix is ‚Äč‚Äčalso waging war with some of its own productions.

Netflix's success at the Oscars is not without controversy: some Hollywood greats, including Steven Spielberg, have criticized the nomination of Netflix films in the past because, unlike traditional productions, they are not shown in the cinema.


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