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Once as a showcase example of electromobility, street scooters have recently heard less good news. Now the Deutsche Post subsidiary Streetscooter GmbH has to call back a good 12,000 electric trucks because of the risk of fire, as can be seen in the recall database of the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA). Focus Online reported about this first.

According to the report by the Federal Motor Transport Authority, “damage to the low-voltage charger and corrosion in the cable duct can lead to smoke and heat development, and thus damage caused by braising and fire.” Almost all of the recalled cars are registered in Germany.

Owners of one of the affected electric transporters should take their vehicle to an authorized workshop immediately. According to the Post spokesman for Focus Online, Streetscooter had identified the defects and reported them to the Federal Motor Transport Authority. In the past, there were several fires on street scooters. The cause of two fires in 2018 was the lack of welding in the area of ​​the battery.

Street scooter: recall due to fire hazard

Deutsche Post had already announced in February that it would stop producing its street scooter electric vehicles. Deutsche Post had neither managed to operate street scooters profitably nor to sell them to an investor.


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