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Do you want to accept all cookies? Or do you prefer to cumbersome through the settings to protect your privacy? When visiting websites today you can hardly get past so-called consent or cookie banners. These digital bouncers are supposed to protect internet surfers so that website operators cannot do what they want with their data. But most of them just get on their nerves.

c’t editors Jo Bager and Ronald Eikenberg explain what internet biscuits are all about and what different types there are. Above all, it is about blocking cookies in the browser and switching off other annoying things such as tracking and advertising. Using the example of Firefox, Ronald shows which settings are necessary in order to only display the essentials on a website, namely the content.

He also subjected seven browsers to a privacy check and told us which browser calls home and which one your data is safe with. Finally, Jo takes a look into the future of tracking and explains what Google has to do with it.

Also there: Ronald Eikenberg, Jo Bager, Kim Sartorius

The c’t 14/2021 is available at the kiosk, in Browser and in the c’t app for iOS and Android.

Article about the shipment:

  • Browsing without annoyance (c’t 14/2021, p. 14)
  • Sieben Browser im Privacy-Check (c’t 14/2021, S. 18)
  • Upgrade Firefox: More protection and comfort (c’t 14/2021, p. 22)
  • Outlook on tracking of the future (c’t 14/2021, p. 28)

By the way: our new one YouTube-Channel c’t 3003 is now available for subscription: in the current episode, Johannes Börnsen tests how easily Apple’s air tags can be manipulated.

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