Student Placement Rate, 118 Percent


It was revealed that ÖSYM, which created a table regarding the YKS 2021 preference results, made a strange calculation error. The rate of students placed in the table titled “The Placement Rate of Candidates in Higher Education Programs by Order of Preference” is shown as 118.64 percent.

ÖSYM, which concerns millions of students in the morning today, YKS 2021 preference results announced. The results announced allowed students to see which universities they entered. Also President of ÖSYM Halis Aygun some of the related made statements. However, in these statements, there is a there is a mistake revealed.

Halis Aygun, in a shared table He was talking about what percentage of the students were placed in which choice. For example, students who choose according to this table 27.52 percent settled on their first choice. As the order of preference decreased, the rate of settlement gradually decreased. But there is a strange error in the table. When we collect the data of ÖSYM, We see that the rate of settled students is 118.64 percent..

Here is OSYM’s false placement rate table


While the reason for the error is unknown, it is also possible to determine which rate or proportions are wrong. could not understand. In addition, the said mistake, OSYM President Prof. Dr. It seems that Halis Aygün also overlooked it. Because Aygün has no doubts about the painting. no explanation or correction.


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Halis Aygün also made some general statements about this painting. In this context; candidates who prefer 85.8 percent of Pointing out that he has been placed in any university, Aygün explained that 52.02 percent of the students were placed in one of their first three choices. However, the error in the table in question is can cause rates to change. looks like.

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