Stunning Views of the Milky Way from the Crew Dragon Capsule


Unmatched space images came from the ‘Crew Dragon’ team, which took office at the end of last year. The Milky Way images captured by Soichi Noguchi and shared by Mike Hopkins on Twitter attracted great attention on Twitter.

NASA astronaut Mike HopkinsHe fascinated his followers with the space images he shared on Twitter. Right now On the International Space Station Hopkins, who is part of the 10-person team, made expressions expressing his admiration for the view while sharing the video recorded by his teammate.

Serving on the International Space Station Japanese Space Agency astronaut Soichi Noguchi, the video SpaceX’in ‘Crew Dragon’ recorded from the capsule named. The breathtaking video created with the time-lapse technique quickly attracted great attention on Twitter.

Here is the ‘time-lapse’ video that reveals the beauty of space: