Subscription and Installation Cost of Starlink Service Has Been Determined


The installation and monthly subscription fees of Starlink, which offers internet service via satellite, whose beta process has started in the USA and Canada, have been determined. It seems it will be extremely expensive to access Starlink.

World famous entrepreneur Elon Muskis one of the projects produced to fund the establishment of a colony on Mars in the coming years. Starlinkcontinues to grow very rapidly. SpaceXMusk, who sends 60 satellites to space with Falcon 9 rockets, has now managed to send 950 satellites to space under the Starlink company.

Starlink, which will provide high-speed internet to regions without internet access, especially in rural areas through satellites sent to space, is currently under beta program for its customers in the USA and Canada. internet service started to offer. Finally, the Canadian news network CBC announced how much users who want to get Starlink’s beta program in Canada must pay. Reaching out to the Starlink customer residing in the Kingston Peninsula area of ​​the state of New Brunswick, the CBC said how much this customer that you paid he learned.

Starlink ücret

Setup fee is too high

Starlink customer named Greg Rekounas, working for an information technology company, started to use Starlink’s internet service because he had to work from home during the pandemic. 150 Mbit download and for Starlink package offering 12 Mbit upload speed $ 130 per month Saying that he paid (783 TL), Rekounas said that apart from this monthly payment, satellite dish, modem, power supply and a 30-meter cable are $ 820 for the installation package (4944 TL) paid a fee.


Elon Musk Announces When Starlink Will Be Available In Europe

Although the installation and monthly subscription fee is very high, Starlink, which can be a life saver, especially for people who live in rural areas and need high-speed internet, will be on February – March 2021. In europe will also begin to be tested. Although we see that this setup fee is kept very high especially in the first stage, it is thought that the stable version of the service will be more appropriate. Would you like to start using Starlink by paying these fees?