Successfully market analogue craftsmanship digitally – eCommerce Magazin


The company started its project to renew its digital sales channels in autumn 2019. As early as Corona summer 2020, it was able to benefit from a booster for its e-commerce, especially in the direct-to-consumer segment. The Actindo Digital Operations Platform has since provided an overview and efficiency in the various digital sales channels of the leather manufacturer.

Analog craft and digital technology for the best business

The enterprise Brown buffalo Basically relies on traditional, handed-down craftsmanship for the production of their handbags, purses and accessories. It markets the quality products internationally through various analog and digital channels. In Germany, Braun Büffel leather goods can be found at over 500 points of sale in brick-and-mortar stores as well as in our own Munich flagship store and outlets in Wertheim Village and Kirn. Across Europe, there are more than 200 sales outlets in the core sales markets of Switzerland, Austria, Great Britain and the Benelux countries. A close sales partner network in Asia, Australia and Russia ensures brand presence in over 100 stores and boutiques outside Europe. Online platforms such as Otto, Zalando, AboutYou or Amazon are used for sales.

Strengthening the direct-to-consumer channel instead of being dependent on wholesalers and service providers

“Even before our e-commerce modernization,” says Christiane Brunk, Braun Büffel managing director in the fourth generation, “our online business made up a noteworthy share of the overall business with 14 percent. The goal was then to further strengthen the direct channel to the consumer with modern e-commerce IT. We also wanted to make ourselves more independent of wholesalers, online platforms and intermediate service providers. With this project, we wanted to make our e-commerce processes more efficient and optimize our digital sales channels in order to further expand our market position and brand presence, especially via the direct-to-consumer channel. Actindo’s Digital Operations Platform plays a central role as an intermediary and e-commerce booster between our classic ERP system SAP Business One and the web shop system Magento 2. ”

What it takes: One platform for all channels

“We had determined,” continues Christine Brunk, “that we needed additional functionalities between our ERP system and our web shop for efficient e-commerce that neither of the two could cover well.” What was missing, for example, was the possibility to begin with to save product information with images, materials, colors, sizes, etc. regardless of the online sales channel. This means that they can be integrated as automatically as possible and in a brand-compliant manner both in their own web shop and on the Otto, Zalando, AboutYou or Amazon platforms. Order and returns management was required that was tailored to these various online channels, as well as the option of standardized customer contact management. In addition, Braun Büffel wanted meaningful reporting. This should provide current and correct figures from the various channels and give the decision-makers a good overview.

Direct-to-consumer project in cooperation with Actindo AG

“We decided on the Actindo Digital Operations Platform because it offers comprehensive functionality and is modular. We can put your components together very easily according to our requirements. From systematic product information management (PIM) to direct connections to platforms such as Amazon, Otto, etc. to clear reporting across all channels. So we remain flexible for the future. ”

The Actindo Digital Operations Platform at Braun Büffel now works like an intermediary between the ERP system and the various online channels for business partners in B2B business as well as for consumers directly. The platform acts like a booster for e-commerce here. It takes over exactly those functions for which neither the ERP system nor the web shop were made. It also fits seamlessly into the existing IT landscape.