Successor of the T100: Fujifilm X-T200 as a light and fast system camera

The new system camera X-T200 announced by Fujifilm has a number of improvements compared to the previous model X-T100. A sensor with 24 megapixels is used in the X-T200, which has copper instead of aluminum. This should speed up the reading of the image information considerably, so that 4K film recordings with 30 frames per second or 24p are possible. In photo mode, 8 frames per second are now possible, with the X-T100 it is only 6 frames per second. In addition, the design of the sensor allows the sensitivity to light to be increased to ISO 25,600.

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The Japanese manufacturer has also increased the number of autofocus points from 91 to 425 and distributed them via the sensor. In the previous model, they were housed in the middle area. With the revised face / eye detection AF, portraits and group shots are to be automatically focused. Thanks to the integrated motif recognition, important objects are to be automatically captured and tracked within the image section. The camera has electronic image stabilization that registers and compensates for unwanted camera movements.

The X-T200 weighs 370 grams. Equipped with a new handle, it should also be easier to hold in the hand than the previous model. Fujifilm has enlarged the touchscreen from 3 to 3.5 inches diagonal.

The Fujifilm X-T200 should come on the market at the end of February 2020 at a price of 850 euros.

Fujifilm also introduced a new prime lens. The Fujinon XC35mmF2 weighs 130 grams with a length of 46.5 millimeters. The optical structure consists of nine elements in six groups, including two aspherical lenses. The autofocus is based on an internal focusing with stepper motor, which should focus almost silently on the subject. The lens costs around 200 euros and should be available from the end of February 2020.

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