Supply problems: Audi wants to cut E-Tron production in Brussels


The Ingolstadt car group Audi has admitted production problems when building its electric cars. A company spokesman confirmed on Monday at's request a report from the Belgian news agency Belga that short-time working was being negotiated at the Brussels plant. "This is a supply problem and explicitly not a problem of demand"the spokesman added. Production of the E-Tron Sportback is currently starting at the plant.

Job market

  1. Fraunhofer Institute for Optronics, System Technology and Image Evaluation IOSB-AST, Ilmenau
  2., Berlin

According to Belga, the unions were also informed that the contracts of 145 temporary workers would not be renewed. Another 250 could follow. The management said that the reason for the difficulties faced by a supplier in supplying the parts required for installing the batteries in the electric SUVs, the employee representatives said.

According to the Audi spokesman, the production is in Brussels "for a complex orchestration with more than 300 suppliers", The company adapts the manufacturing flexibly, "to act economically and efficiently",

According to media reports The Audi E-Tron sold 26,400 copies worldwide last year. More vehicles could have been sold if Audi had bought more battery cells in the planning, the specialist newspaper Auto, Motor, Sport wrote. Already in April 2019 there were reports that Audi could not meet the planned production targets.

Audi presented the electric SUV E-Tron in September 2018. The Sportback based on the same platform followed in November 2019. In addition, Audi now offers an eligible E-Tron with a shorter range.

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