Support for Ezgi Mola who was fined in the Musa Orhan Case


Ezgi Mola was fined for calling Musa Orhan ‘rapist’ and ‘dishonorable’ about Musa Orhan, who was on trial for raping an 18-year-old young woman. After the criticized decision, support poured in social media for Ezgi Mola.

In June last year, there was an event that resonated with the country’s agenda. İpek Er, who is only 18 years old, committed suicide by leaving a note behind; He died after a struggle for his life that lasted for about a month. The note he left behind was written by a person named Musa Orhan. that you raped was saying.

İpek Er and her father filed a complaint against Musa Orhan just a few days before the incident and ‘qualified sexual assault’ criminal investigation was initiated. İpek Er said that Musa Orhan threatened to kill her so that she would not tell anyone what happened in the suicide note she left.I don’t have to be afraid now that I’m going to die‘ he ended his life.

The verdict of pending trial of Musa Orhan drew criticism:

Musa Orhan was arrested after the increasing reactions after İpek Er’s death, but after a short time like a week. pending trial decision had been made. After the objections were not accepted, Musa Orhan started to be tried without arrest.

One of the names that reacted to the situation was actress Ezgi Mola. Ezgi Mola criticizes the decision with a post she made on Twitter, about Musa Orhan. ‘rapist’ and ‘dishonest’ had used the words. After this post and Ezgi Mola’s refusal to apologize, Musa Orhan’s lawyer Mehmet Erkan Akkuş filed a criminal complaint about Mola. up to four years in prison lawsuit was filed. Ezgi Mola was fined in the case concluded today. The case against Musa Orhan on the charge of raping İpek Er is still ongoing.

Support poured in for Ezgi Mola on Twitter: