Surprise Egg Found With The Revenant In RDR2


A surprise egg was found in RDR2, which is very popular and hasn’t gotten old for 4 years, referring to the famous The Revenant. This egg recreates the famous bear scene from the movie.

Red Dead Redmption 2, recent times the biggest and it has one of the impressive open worlds. We can say that the game is both fun and educational. It is scientifically proven that those who play the popular game of Rockstar know animals better. had proven. In such a popular game, an overlooked surprise egg, finally discovered the other day.

Lenonardo DiCapriostarring in The Revenant (ResurrectionIt is not easy to find this surprise egg, which is directly related to the movie. But if you like The Revenant, you’ll love it when you find this egg.

So what is this Surprise Egg?

Surprise egg related to The Revenant found in RDR2 game

famous in The Revenant bear scene Even those who haven’t seen the movie know. This surprise egg also plays that scene directly in the game. reinvigorates. If you find this surprise egg, you add a new and special knife to your knife collection in the game.

If you want to find this surprise egg, you can use the “Hanging Dog Ranch“in northwest You have to go to the area. Hanging Dog Ranch, RDR2 map “West ElizabethSomewhere in this area, you come across that famous scene of The Revenant and you find the surprise egg.


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The player who discovered this egg 3rd time playing Let us remind you that you discovered it. almost over the output of the RDR2 4 years Although it has passed, it is clear that there is still a lot of things hidden in the game.

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