Surveillance camera Ezviz C3A: cheap Arlo competitor in the test


Wireless surveillance cameras are handy but expensive. Ezviz shows that the C3A is cheaper too – and we tested that cheap can be good as well.

The number of burglaries is indeed in 2018 for the first time in over 10 years sunk againHowever, the fear of such an incident is great in many people. For a culprit not only steals property and may even spoil the furniture, but penetrates into the privacy of the residents – with sometimes long-lasting psychological consequences.

Scope of delivery of the Ezviz C3A.

A remedy is promised by security cameras. They should deter burglars, because they can be identified later in the optimal case. In addition, IP cameras allow direct communication with the perpetrators and / or the triggering of alarms. Not always it is possible to supply such recording devices in the desired places with electricity, here wireless WLAN cameras come into play. Such a camera is the Ezviz C3A of the Chinese manufacturer Hikvision, which is one of the largest providers of video surveillance products. Our test model is in direct competition with Arlo cameras (review) – and looks like this.

Overall, the Ezviz C3A is as big as a flat tennis ball: narrower, but a bit higher. The case made of white plastic looks sufficiently high-quality, because of its curved shapes, the camera on the bookshelf does not catch the eye as a cold, technical object. The structure corresponds roughly to that of the Arlo cameras: The rear area can be opened with a push button, underneath is a cube-shaped battery, as well as a slot for microSD cards. In addition, there is a receptacle on the back for a included wall mount and a micro-USB port. In the front part of the housing is the actual camera unit with lens, microphone, PIR sensor, Photodiode, LED power indicator and speaker. At the top of the housing is the only control button of the device, labeled "SYNC".