Surveillance: Google's Smart Display shows an image from a third-party Nest camera

There is again trouble with a smart display from Google in connection with surveillance cameras: In this case, a Nest camera is involved, which is also offered by Google. The owner of a Nest Hub suddenly saw the video image of a strange Nest Hello video doorbell. Android Police spoke to the owner of the Nest Hub and confirmed the incident from which it occurred Reddit there is a video recording.

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In the current case, the camera activated when one person pressed the video doorbell. The video image was displayed on someone else's Nest Hub. The Nest Hub is a smart display that is controlled by voice using the Google Assistant.

The owner of the Nest Hub stated that the video image does not come from its immediate vicinity. This would rule out the possibility that the error had occurred due to a faulty or accepted WLAN connection. Google confirmed to Android Police the incident that is currently being investigated. It is still unclear how the error came about.

Similar incident with Xiaomi cameras

At the beginning of the year there was a similar incident: The video image of a third-party Xiaomi surveillance camera was displayed on Google's Nest Hub – the owner of the smart display was able to look into a third-party apartment. He received a live picture and was able to follow all the activities that were in the field of view of the camera.

In response, the connection between Xiaomi cameras and Google accounts was cut – this applied to all customers who used such a combination. According to Xiaomi, the problem came through "Cache update on December 26, 2019 at". That should "the streaming quality of the camera" be improved. The problem is "only occurred in extremely rare cases"it was said at the time. About two weeks later, the connection between Xiaomi camera and Google account was restored.

Cloud cameras promise greater security, but cannot deliver this in the event of attacks, as a test by in October 2019 showed. We were able to switch off several WLAN cameras from different manufacturers without much effort, without knowing the password of the WLAN network used.

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