Surveillance of Assange: With the noise generator against the CIA millions


Even before his lecture began, Andy Müller-Maguhn gave his listeners little hope of a positive presentation. The only funny thing is a cat in one of the surveillance videos, said the former spokesman for the Chaos Computer Club at the 36th Chaos Communication Congress on Friday in Leipzig. No wonder that Müller-Maguhn does not find the surveillance campaign in the Ecuadorian embassy, ​​which has been going on for years, funny. After all, the close confidante of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange himself may have been captured often enough by the cameras, microphones and other surveillance technologies.

The Spanish newspaper El País had first reported in September 2019that the Spanish security company Undercover Global SL has sent extensive material from the embassy to the US secret service CIA. A Spanish court is now trying to clarify the allegations. The company, with its boss David Morales, was actually commissioned by the Ecuadorian government to ensure the safety of the prominent asylum seeker. For this, the now disbanded intelligence agency Senain should spent at least $ 5 million,

CIA bought the spy protector

But according to Müller-Maguhn, Morales was bought by the Americans, for $ 200,000 a month. In doing so, he not only ensured that the recorded material was transmitted to the US secret services, but also worked to ensure that the video cameras were equipped with microphones and additional bugs were installed, reported Müller-Maguhn. To countermeasures Assanges like one noise generator According to Morales' orders, special foils were stuck to the window panes in the embassy. These should enable listening to the conversations with the help of laser microphones.

According to Müller-Maguhn, Assange's surveillance went on for several years. After the Wikileaks founder had been in the embassy asylum for three years, Undercover Global was therefore commissioned with the security tasks in 2015. A little later, Morales flew to Las Vegas and began spying for the other client. There doesn't seem to be a lack of money. The responsible Senain employee alone is said to have received $ 20,000 a month to accept Morales' change requests.

Direct streaming to the CIA?

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Accordingly, these requests included live streaming of the data, which should not only be forwarded to Ecuador and Undercover Global, but also to a certain "X", as can be seen from an email from Morales. Likewise, the drives with the recorded videos should no longer be overwritten, but replaced. According to El País UC Global's visitor data is said to have been sent to a server at the company's headquarters in Jerez de la Frontera, southern Spain, via an FTP connection. The report said the CIA had direct access to the server. In order to find out better ways to attach bugs, Morales had all objects of the message recorded and analyzed. The bugs were finally installed in a fire extinguisher and in a bathroom.

Monitoring then became apparent at the end of 2017. At that time, the Ecuadorian government was trying to get Assange outside the UK with a diplomatic passport. For this purpose, the Australian was specially naturalized. But the United States became aware of the plans and applied for an international arrest warrant just one day after Assange's secret conversation with Senain's then head Rommy Vallejo.

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