Surveillance: Police call for the use of bodycams also in apartments


The Union of Police (GdP) in Rhineland-Palatinate wants to use Bodycams in apartments. North Rhine-Westphalia pretend that this is going said GdP country chief Sabrina Kunz on the 27th of September in Mainz. "We are well aware that there must always be a balanced relationship between the rights of freedom – here the right to inviolability of the home – and the need for security"Kunz said. When it comes to the safety of their colleagues, however, costs and political debates should not cause them to do anything.

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Even with domestic violence are the Bodycams advantage, argues the union of the police. "Situations in which violence is carried out in close social relationships are often highly emotional anyway, and characterized in the living area by the fact that there are few witnesses"Kunz said.

The Ministry of the Interior in Mainz rejected the demand. "According to the Rhineland-Palatinate Police and Ordnungsbehörden Act, the use of the Bodycam inside apartments is not allowed"said Joachim Winkler, spokesman for the Interior Ministry. "Housing is an elementary living space for the development of privacy, constitutionally protected."

Earlier this year, the Bavarian Data Protection Commissioner Thomas Petri criticized the use of Bodycams by the police and in particular their use in homes. That is something that may be needed for domestic violence. "However, according to the Basic Law, a court order would have to be obtained, and that was not foreseen by the legislature."he explained.