Surveillance System Targeting Foreign Nationals in China

Security officials from Henan, one of China’s largest provinces, have developed a new ‘security’ system. With the new system, it is planned to monitor foreign students, especially journalists, and illegal residing women.

It seems that China has millions of cameras in public places, and with the increasing use of techniques such as smartphone tracking and facial recognition, some security experts have The world’s most advanced surveillance technology He is working on a system he defines as one of his networks.

Security officials, journalists, and international students from Henan province, one of China’s largest provinces, are among other sources, Reuters reported. “suspicious people” established a new surveillance system to observe Reuters could not determine whether the system is currently working.

Journalists, foreign students and foreign students residing illegally will be followed.


A tender document dated July 29 published on the Henan provincial government’s procurement website; of people coming to Henan using 3,000 facial recognition cameras connected to various national and regional database devices. personal files A compiler system gave some details on their plans. U.S.-based surveillance research firm IPVM, which has been closely monitoring the expansion of the network, said the bidding identifies journalists as surveillance targets and provides a plan for public safety officials to quickly locate journalists and block them from their work. unique said that.

Donald Maye, Head of Operations of IPVM, “While the People’s Republic of China has a documented history of detaining and punishing journalists for doing their job, this document marks the first known example of China creating private security technology to streamline state repression of journalists.” used the phrases.

The nearly 200-page tender document, which is not accessible to the public, does not contain any information about why China wants to follow journalists or international students. In addition, one of the categories to be followed in the document is ‘women from neighboring countries residing illegally’ is stated as. As said in the document, the cameras used are even for people whose faces are partially covered by masks or glasses. relatively accurate can create a file and the targeted ones can be searched in the database simply by uploading an image or searching for facial features.

Journalists identified by the system, which will be operated by at least 2,000 officers and police, will be divided into three categories, red, yellow and green, in order of risk. In addition, the journalists in general, in particular, ‘foreign journalists’ will be focused. It is also stated in the tender that the system can track the movements of international students, especially on important dates such as the country’s national day and the annual parliamentary meeting, through methods such as mobile phone positioning and travel reservations.


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While Reuters could not find any documents identifying journalists or foreigners as specific targets of surveillance systems in other parts of China, the Henan province government and police did not comment on the matter. In addition, there was no statement from the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China. In contrast, some press freedom groups have argued that the ruling Chinese Communist Party has been in power since Chinese President Xi Jinping took office in 2012. control over the media It says it tightens. Above all, a system that neglects personal rights in the wrong hands It is extremely worrying to know how you can use it.

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