Survey: “Blockchain” and “Chat bot” are not a concept for many


What exactly do blockchain, big data or chat bot actually mean? Many Germans do not know that, as a representative study by the digital association Bitkom has shown. Accordingly, many terms relating to digitization are unclear or even unknown for a large part of the population.

Around every second respondent (52 percent) has never heard the term blockchain, according to the study, 23 percent know the word but cannot explain it. A total of 17 percent believe they can explain the term.

Many have heard of the following words before but cannot explain them: cryptocurrency (45 percent), big data (41 percent) and virtual reality (40 percent). It looks better with the terms data center (80 percent), apps (76 percent), 5G (67 percent) and cookies (63 percent). Cloud computing (52 percent) and artificial intelligence (49 percent) can only explain one in two people, a chat bot (29 percent) can only explain just under one in three.

Overall, however, according to the study, the digital vocabulary has improved compared to 2020: The proportion of those who have never heard of the terms queried has decreased for 10 of the 13 terms. In the previous year, for example, 60 percent of those surveyed were not familiar with the term blockchain.


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