Survey: young people online a good 70 hours a week


During the Corona period, young people in Germany, with their contact restrictions and digital lessons, are significantly more online than before. The 16 to 18 year olds spend an average of 70.4 hours a week on the Internet, according to the Postbank youth digital study for 2021. In spring 2020 it was 71.5 hours per week, in 2019 it was 58 hours.

School, study or training make up less than a third of the internet time: According to their own statements, the young people spent an average of 3.6 hours online (2021 and 2020) – in 2019 it was only 2.5 hours. For the representative study 1000 German young people were interviewed in May and June.

They spend a lot of time on their smartphones: 43.7 hours a week, almost three hours more than in 2020 (40.9) and almost eight hours more than in the pre-Corona year 2019 (around 36). Even at school, teenagers use their mobile phones the longest (1.3 hours per day), followed by laptops (1.1), tablets (0.7 hours) and desktop PCs (0.5 hours).

“Even if the young people will detach themselves from the screen a little more after the crisis, the importance of the smartphone should remain”, analyzed Thomas Brosch, Head of Digital Sales at Postbank. “For young people in particular, it has become an all-in-one solution that is used for all online activities.”

  • For the Postbank Youth Digital Study 2021, 1,000 young Germans between the ages of 16 and 18 were interviewed in May and June of this year.
  • The exact questions were:
    • Let’s start with a few questions about internet usage: Which of the following devices do you use to access the internet?
    • Smartphone (e.g. iPhone), laptop / notebook, tablet (e.g. iPad), desktop PC, game consoles (e.g. Playstation), smart TV, intelligent voice assistant as a device, wearables (e.g. fitness tracker, smartwatch)
    • How many days a week do you currently use the Internet with these devices?
    • And how long are you on the internet on an average day?
    • And how long are you on the internet on an average day for school, training or studying? (broken down by smartphone, laptop / notebook, desktop PC, tablet)


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