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The results of the new study “Sustainable Supply Chain Management” by Miebach Consulting indicate that a successful Turn towards sustainability What can be achieved is if consumers first rethink and translate this new way of thinking into action and corresponding demand. In mid-2020, the supply chain consultancy examined which strategies and measures companies are taking to implement sustainable supply chain management – and to what extent sustainability and corporate goals need to be reconciled. For the study, 277 companies were surveyed online, including an unusually high proportion of managing directors at 18 percent, which illustrates the importance and strategic importance of the topic.

Sustainable supply chain management

Cradle-to-Cradle approach for sustainable supply chain management

According to Thorsten Gensmer, Director at Miebach Consulting GmbH, companies shouldn’t sit back and relax when it comes to sustainability in supply chain management: “Those who think ahead now and lay the foundations for sustainable business can benefit greatly from the newly developing market. For larger climate protection goals In the supply chain, collective actions with a complete cradle-to-cradle approach are necessary. The high number of planned initiatives shows that this can already be worthwhile. ”

Motivation depends on efficiency and cost reductions

With regard to the most recently implemented and the next planned initiative, the majority of those surveyed indicated an improvement in efficiency with an average of 14 percent or a cost reduction with an average of 15 percent as motivation. This is followed by topics such as seven percent each CO2 reduction and green packaging or the reduction of plastic in general. Measures for sustainable supply chain management based on ecological or social motivation, such as the health and safety of employees or environmental protection, are rarely found at one percent each.

Sustainable supply chain management

Sustainable supply chain management is gaining in importance

The companies surveyed have currently implemented an average of 16 sustainability initiatives in the company. For the future, however, the surveyed companies plan to almost double the sustainable initiatives they have already implemented within the next few years (+97 percent). This suggests that sustainability will gain in importance in supply chain management.

In general, sustainable initiatives are viewed as less attractive if they require a high level of resources, such as the development of reverse logistics, which is rated with just 4.2 out of 10 points. Even topics that are complex anyway, such as network planning rated 4.6, are perceived as less important. Therefore, resource-saving and relatively simple measures are generally preferred.

Sustainable supply chain management

The report on the “Sustainable Supply Chain Management” study by Miebach Consulting is here available free of charge. Miebach Consulting offers consulting for supply chain management and engineering services in production and logistics at 24 locations worldwide. (sg)

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