T-Mobile US investigates alleged data theft

The US subsidiary of Telekom is investigating evidence that data sets offered in the Darknet are said to come from T-Mobile customers. Unknowns are currently offering around 100 million customer records for sale that contain names, addresses, social security numbers, telephone numbers and driver’s license information as well as the IMEI numbers of smartphones. According to a report by Vice, the unknowns claim the data came from T-Mobile US.

T-Mobile is aware of the claims said a company spokesman to the Reuters news agency, but neither wanted to confirm nor deny it. T-Mobile is investigating, but currently has no new information to share.

A stranger claims that he has the data from T-Mobile servers opposite Vice. In the meantime, access has been blocked again, but the data has been saved. According to the report, he also showed extracts of the data to the online medium. On the Darknet, he is said to have asked for 6 Bitcoin (currently around 240,000 euros) for 30 million social security numbers and information about driver’s licenses. The rest of the data will be sold elsewhere.

In the past, larger collections of customer data have repeatedly appeared on the Darknet. It is not always new data; often it is just a compilation of previous leaks. If you want to find out whether your data is already in the hands of third parties, you can visit the website enter their email address or phone number.

If customer data actually falls into the wrong hands, companies must inform those affected and the authorities. The transportation service provider Uber hushed up a hack with 50 million passenger data in 2016 and had to pay a fine of almost 150 million US dollars for it.


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