Taliban Seizes US Military Biometric Devices


The Taliban, which created a great chaos in Afghanistan, which it reoccupied 20 years later, has seized the superior military equipment of the US army that cost billions of dollars. Among these equipment, the device that worries the USA the most is the military biometric device called HIIDE, which the US military has used for a long time to detect terrorists.

After the Taliban terrorist organization recaptured Afghanistan 20 years later, it began to seize the military equipment that the US has kept in the country for a long time. Among the equipment seized by the Taliban were superior military weapons, but the most notable among them was the The biometric device called HIIDE, which has been used by the US military for a very long time, it happened.

The US military could easily track terrorists thanks to millions of data they uploaded to biometric devices called HIIDE; even Osama bin Laden’s whereabouts were detected thanks to this device. It is unknown whether the Taliban have enough technology to run HIIDE, but the US About the fact that millions of data collected from Afghan people so far fell into the hands of the Taliban. pretty worried.

The biometrics of millions of Afghans are hidden in HIIDE:

biometric data

For a long time, America had been sending equipment and supplies to the country to rebuild Afghanistan costing billions of dollars. According to data released by Washington, the United States is solely committed to the development of the Afghan military, police and other law enforcement agencies. $83 billion, totaling $145 billion spent spending. The total amount of money spent by the US military on military, education and infrastructure works since 2001 is exactly 837 billion dollarsr.

US President Joe Biden announced that the US army would withdraw from Afghanistan last April, and the army left the country in a short time like 2 months. If the new owner of the superior military weapons left behind by the US army, who took over the country after 20 years It was the Taliban.

The Taliban are said to lack the technology to run HIIDE:


The most important of the devices seized by the Taliban was the biometric device called HIIDE, which the USA used to detect terrorists. inside Like iris scans and fingerprints from the Afghan population HIIDE, which includes biometric data, is currently You probably don’t know how to use this device. in the hands of Taliban militants. According to the information disclosed, the identities of people living in Afghanistan are formed in line with the information held by HIIDE. This shows that the Taliban have a big trump card against both Afghanistan and the USA.

According to the statements made by a veteran who used to be in the US Special Operations Army, the Taliban do not have the technology to run HIIDE. of HIIDE The only way to reveal the information insidePakistan, which has the Inter-Services Intelligence Agency, which can be considered a friend of the Taliban.

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