Teams: Dataflex and third-party apps for virtual meetings


Microsoft Teams is not only a communication platform, but is also used as a collaboration tool. Cooperation in video meetings is often not easy, because screen sharing is suitable for reading, but everything that goes beyond a presentation is difficult to do.

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The newly released Microsoft Dataflex extension offers team-built relational databases with rich data types that can be administered in a company-friendly manner and should offer one-click solutions. A very little programming effort is promised, with the help of Microsoft Power Apps and Microsoft Power Virtual Agents, practically everyone should be able to create and deliver apps and even intelligent chatbots.

Dataflex is based on the Common Data Service, which is now also available in teams and has been renamed Microsoft Dataflex Pro.

Another advantage is that when using the Dataflex solution, data belonging to the meeting logs is retained and can still be viewed later.

Third-party apps should also be allowed to do more. They should be able to display content and notifications, even during ongoing video calls. “Applications can span chat and collaboration and have a workflow that now extends to meetings”said Michael Lesizka, Group Product Manager at Microsoft Teams.

The applications can be added as a tab to meeting invitations so that those invited can interact with the app before the meeting; however, they can only be added by each participant during the meeting. The links to the apps and thus the information they bring in also remain in recordings.

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