Tegut: IT network of the grocer partially paralyzed after cyber attack

The grocer Tegut has announced that its IT network has been successfully attacked. All IT network systems at the headquarters were “shut down according to the emergency plan and taken off the network,” says the company website. The company has informed the responsible security authorities and is now working together with external IT staff to restore normal operations.

Tegut, headquartered in Fulda, claims to have more than 8,000 employees in almost 300 supermarkets in several federal states.

Due to the emergency measures taken, the e-mail servers are also temporarily offline and the company is currently unavailable in this way. Tegut’s “merchandise management programs that control scheduling in logistics” have also been taken off the network. This could occasionally lead to bottlenecks in the availability of goods. Otherwise there would currently be no adverse effects for customers, writes Tegut.

A Tegut spokesman was unable to provide detailed information on the incident and possible new findings at the moment when heise online asked, because the investigations are still in full swing. It is therefore not yet known whether the company network could have fallen victim to an infection with ransomware.


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