Telegram Brings Video Sticker Feature with New Update


With its latest update, Telegram brings features such as making video stickers and adding stickers to your account from other applications. Your friends with sticker war will love this news.

Telegram continues to be an application that many people use to message and be aware of groups they are curious about. According to the latest data, a new update is on the way for Telegram, which has 500 active users.

With the upcoming update to Telegram, users are now more fun while messaging will be able to use emojis and stickers. Get ready to fight on Telegram with your friends that you can’t talk to by sending stickers.

You can have stickers that you can convert from any video you want.


With the new update, Telegram will allow users to expand their sticker catalog as they wish. With the update that you can add and use the sticker you will prepare from a video you want, you can also use it. stickers from other apps You will be able to transfer it to your Telegram account. Before this change, only Adobe Illustrator You had to make a special sticker for the application using programs such as The new update will pave the way for the sticker frenzy.

Telegram is also working on reactions and emojis. Now, users will be able to increase the size and effect of the reaction by long pressing the reaction icon to the messages. Finally, the update will allow you to easily return to any of your previous chats. long press menu the future.

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