Telegram Increases Video Calls to 1000 People


Messaging application Telegram, which added popularity to its popularity with some decisions taken by WhatsApp this year, exceeded the audience limit it brought to the video calling feature that it launched last month. Telegram, where 1000 viewers can participate in group video calls, announced that it intends to increase this number even more.

Messaging application Telegram, one of WhatsApp’s biggest competitors, included video calls with the update it released in June. Surprising users with a new update, Telegram has this time increased the limit of people who can participate in video calls as a viewer.

to video calls increasing the number of people who can participate as spectators to 1000. Telegram has almost turned into a broadcasting platform. The platform, which determined the number of active participants as 30 in the previous update, did not make any changes to this number in the new update.

Telegram: live concert and online lecture app

telefram video call

Telegram launched video calls after a long wait last month. The number of people who can actively participate in video calls was determined as 30. This has been an important step towards dealing with major competitors like WhatsApp. Telegram has recently released an update that has made many features available to its users. The biggest feature of this update was that the viewer limit in video calls was increased to 1000.


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According to Telegram’s own statements, this feature can be used in everything from lectures to online concerts. The image quality of the videos has also increased thanks to the update. In addition, now parties in video messages and video calls, It can transmit the voices coming from their phones directly to the other party. In other words, if music is playing on your phone, it is sent directly by receiving the sound, not by recording it by the phone’s camera. In addition to all these, the moving message feature, which came to iOS and did not come to Android before, can also be used on Android thanks to the new update.

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